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8 Things That Make Wrocław An Ideal City For Students

May 24, 2021 by Amit Chandra

Amidst other prominent reasons, Polish cities are famous popular among students for world-class education. There are plenty of reasons that fascinate students into choosing higher studies in Poland. Some of them being: access to world-famous public universities, cost-effective education, cheap essential commodities, and a vivid international crowd.


The persistent trend of students moving to Poland for higher education over the past decade has also incited public universities to create adequate preparations for international students.


A renowned city in southwestern Poland, Wrocław is famed for its world-class public universities, scenic vistas, rustic city centre, and abundant green spaces. From time to time, the Wrocław city administration and Poland Tourism Organisation host exciting online social media campaigns to entice more international students.


There are a few special attributes that make Wrocław an idyllic European city for higher studies. Here are the 8 best things that make Wrocław a great city for every student!



1. Wrocław has an abundance of nature attractions & mountains nearby

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Wrocław, being the greenest city in Poland, has an abundance of nature attractions. Almost everywhere across the city, thick foliage of green keeps you company. Besides, the international study environment is an added advantage for students. Thus, making Wrocław a favourite when you choose Poland for higher studies in Europe.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


The sheer charm of parks in Wrocław acts as a major pull for tourists, residents, and any other nature enthusiast. Wrocław city parks make an apt option to spend a relaxing time with friends, go for a casual walk, and savour the nature sounds even while living in the heart of a major city.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Szczytnicki Park, Stanisław Tołpa's Park, Japanese Garden, Park Zachodni, Grabiszynski Park, Park Południowy, and Park Wschodni are some of the renowned Wrocław parks that are also among Wrocław's major tourist attractions. Moreover, the Odra is another tourist attraction in Wrocław that makes a soothing spectacle. The charm of Odra and the number of activities you can plan there makes it another reason why every youngster should consider moving to Wrocław for higher education, full-time, or Erasmus exchange programme.


Wrocław city bicycle trail network is so elaborated and well-laid for every biking enthusiast. With the perfect river views and excellent nature cover around, it is fun to ride a bike in the city.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Other recommended nature & outdoor activities in Wrocław: Skydiving, biking, fishing, camping, water activities like kayaking and canoeing, bird watching


There are some remarkable nature places near Wrocław located just 2-3 hours of drive away.


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2. Wrocław has cheap accommodations, cost of living & discounts

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The University of Wrocław, after bearing in mind the major aspects of living in the city, maintains that with as much as 250-300 EUR, it is possible to live in Wrocław with bare minimum requirement. Polish Zloty is the official currency of Poland, and 1 Polish Zloty is equivalent to 22 cents (considering the international exchange rate).

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While you can easily buy a coffee for 2 EUR or even less, and doughnuts for 80-90 cents. Yes, the usual commodities that cheap in Poland. But the price of food is more or less the same across Poland. What makes Wrocław popular among students is the cost of renting an apartment and the public transport in general. You can find an apartment for rent in Wrocław starting from 89 EUR and up to 130 EUR. For as much as 45 cents, students can buy a discounted tram ticket for 30 minutes. If you get the long-term Urban Card, which is crucial for those who commute every day, it is even cheaper.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Urbancard has an efficient app where you can buy a ticket hassle-free, and the ticket stays on your phone for a valid time duration. Jakdojade is the one-stop solution for everyone looking to make the best of public transport in Wrocław or any other part of Poland.


Moreover, the major grocery stores like Biedronka, Lidl, Auchan, and Kaufland keep bringing attractive offers. If you're a student, you can avail yourself of discount everywhere from train tickets to tourist attractions to restaurants. The list is endless!



3. University of Wrocław - A world-class institution

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With a global ranking of 801, the University of Wrocław is one of the largest, and highly regarded public universities in Poland. The university offers a broad spectrum of university scholarship programs to deserving candidates, dynamic and international environment, and a variety of courses to choose from for higher studies. There are various groups and sub-organisations of the University of Wrocław that carry on well-planned programs, events, and workshops in the discipline of art, music, sports, and cultural exchange for students from different corners of the world.

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The Erasmus Exchange programs and Erasmus Internship programs support international students in Wrocław to pursue their education or internship at their desired university/company. The Erasmus grant allocated from the university to students is quite praiseworthy. Be it studies concerning Bachelor’s Master’s or PhD, or various programs, and volunteering activities, the University of Wrocław International Office has an elaborated website full of comprehensive information concerning any topic that anyone should have.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


If you are a foreign student aspiring to move to Wrocław for higher studies, you can find your preferred contact in the link here.



4. Ease of access - Public transport

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The extensive public transport network of Wrocław is quite efficient for every student or tourist in Wrocław. Among all the modes of public transport in Wrocław, trams, buses, city bikes, and scooters are the most widespread and popular among students.


For students in Wrocław, trams and buses are the most useful. Given the frequency of travelling around the city for university classes and daily chores, every student should consider purchasing a long-term Urbancard ticket, unless they are wholly into walking and biking. There is a comprehensive student discount for every active student of a Polish University. The Urbancard can be activated on the student ID as long as a person holds student status in Poland.

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Separate MPK ticket vending machines are installed at the bus and tram stops, where students can buy a discounted semester ticket, for example - 185 zł for five months (one semester). It remains valid on the student ID card, so the ID card is the gamechanger, which also acts as an urban card while travelling in Wrocław.



 5. Part-time job in Wrocław - flexible hours, good pay for students

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Wrocław is a major urban city in southwestern Poland and is the capital city of Lower Silesia. A reason that makes Wrocław not just popular among tourists planning a trip to Poland but crucial for students (concerning various aspects of life and living). A major concern for every student moving to a new city for higher education is accessibility to the job market and finding a part-time or full-time job during or after studies. Yes, there are plenty of job options in Wrocław, depending on your requirement and interests.


Wrocław city has a vast network of global fast-food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Burgerking, Pizzahut, and many more. These places offer part-time job options to students with a sizable amount of benefits along. Additionally, multilingual students have the upper hand having access to jobs opportunities in local shops and restaurants or some food joint from their native land. With balanced work and studies hours, life in Wrocław is fair and relaxing for international students.



6. Events, gigs, intercultural interactions

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Announced as the European Capital of Culture 2016, Wrocław city brings plenty of options for international students to spend leisure time with friends. The city has an array of quaint cafes, pubs and bars, book shops, libraries, fascinating museums hosting numerous events that work a charm on the international community in Wrocław.


For most of the spring, autumn, and entire summer, plenty of outdoor places are opened up late into the night, something every bachelor or student in Wrocław desires. Around the City Market Square, there are plenty of events, gigs, and shows to tempt any passerby. What more could a student possibly ask?

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Some of the most popular places to spend leisure time in Wrocław: Wratislavia Cantans, Jazz on the Oder, Brave Festival, New Horizons Cinema, OFFensiva – International Independent Film Festival, an international theatre festival DIALOG -Wrocław and many others. The City of Wrocław was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture 2016.



7. Wrocław Nightlife

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A look at the aerial view of the Wrocław city centre explains that the region is made up of a group of tiny islands all connected by scenic bridges. And all these spaces are packed during summer nights, making nightlife in Wrocław so exciting. These exotic islands in Wrocław, the pleasant summer weather, and the terrific international crowd in the city make yet another allure for every student aspiring for higher education in Wrocław. If you’re a musician, there’s good news for you too. Some bars and pubs organise open mic events, where you can go and perform in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Top choice to experience the best of nightlife in Wrocław: Słodowa Island (Wyspa Słodowa), Tamka Island, Beach Bars: Zazoo, Forma Płynna Beach Bar, Stara Odra Beach Bar, OpatoVice Beach Bar, and Odra-Pany/Beach Bar/Kładka Zwierzynicka, and a bunch of clubs in Rynek area



 8. Second-hand shops, flea market, & shopping in Wrocław

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Cheap and efficient shopping is a prime concern for every student relocating to a new city. Wrocław is a Polish city endowed with great alternatives for every shopper. Another reason that prompts students to choose Wrocław for higher studies. For every student or tourist in Poland looking to stay for a longer duration, it is always critical to know the popular grocery store options. On that note, we must mention the likes of Biedronka, Lidl, Carrefour, Kaufland, Auchan, and Dino.


These grocery store chains in Wrocław are widespread, you can find plenty of them in almost every corner of the city. Once there, you can find almost anything related to food, house essentials, appliances, and interior decor. Pepco and Flying Tiger are other prominent stores to find chic clothes, house essentials at a throwaway price. The Wrocław Fashion Outlet is another place to try your luck purchasing cheap clothes at a great discount.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


If you prefer to buy your food from the local farmer and small-scale vendors, Hala Targowa, and Wrocławski Bazar Smakoszy are the places to be.


Finally, there are numerous second-hand shops across the city named “Studio Mody Odzież Używana”. These shops have great quality clothes at an unbelievable price, making a great proportion for everyone on a trip to Poland.


Such exciting alternatives make Wrocław a top city to live & study in Poland. Find out more about the city on the official website of Wrocław. Please connect with us through our official Facebook & Instagram profiles.

Amit Chandra

Amit is a travel writer & founder of the blog Whistling Hound. A perpetual nature lover, Amit moved to Wrocław, Poland, three years ago. Ever since, he has been gallivanting around European countries, soaking up the best of places & sharing his experiences across digital media. From working as an Aurora Guide in Lapland to walking the streets of Naples & Rome like a local, Amit has done it all. Currently, he's treading through the best of southwestern Poland & is not stopping anytime soon!

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