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Don’t Miss These Top Outdoor Activities In Wrocław!

May 19, 2022 by Amit Chandra

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Being a resident or a tourist in Wrocław has its perks. Aside from all the aesthetically pleasing architecture in the city’s main square or the most renowned city tourist attractions, there’s a whole new range of fun awaiting you right in the city. There are some super fun outdoor activities in Wrocław that add to the exclusive list of top things to do in Wrocław. For example, you can plan a fun trip to an animal farm in the city outskirts. A trip that transports you from the hassle of the city life into a calming world of green smelling countryside farms and extensive forest, where Llamas and Alpacas munch on crispy hay as the sun shines brilliantly in a clear sky.


You can try some physical activity with a view, kayaking through the serene Odra while admiring the city views from a different perspective. What else? You can plan a visit to the Wrocław Zoo to watch some exotic animals alive today, bet on horse races (yes, it is totally legal there), or spend the day slothing in the pool and sauna in Aqua Park Wrocław.


Check out these cool outdoor activities in Wrocław that you can plan at your convenience!


1. Extreme expeditions & games

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This outdoor expedition & game curated by Ekspedycja Express is one of its kind comprising of some exciting and extreme outdoor activities in Wrocław that aren’t for everyone for sure. The organisers of the Expedition Express have been constantly indulged in devising outstanding field games, city games, entertainment programs and some exciting reality show contests. They make sure that all the game model is created from start to finish with passion professionalism and a deep understanding of all the know-how.


Their games are designed for people of different age groups, with events located extending to several parts of Poland and abroad. Expedition Express also indulges in custom TV program creation while implementing some crazy game ideas turning into a fierce competition. Expedition Express are from Wrocław, with office and warehouses in the city.


Check out their website for bookings and more info.


Google rating: 5/5

Where: Ekspedycja Express

Address: Robotnicza 50, 53-608 Wrocław


Website | Facebook | Email

Major highlights: Operate mainly in Poland, but also organized games in over 16 countries and 70 plus locations.


2. Skydiving

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If you're up for some extreme fun and adventure in the city, then Skydive Wrocław is an apt place for you. Thanks to Skydive Wrocław, the city inhabitants can soar high up in the sky and jump from 4000 meters altitude. Anyone looking for some exciting outdoor activities in Wrocław can head there and jump in tandem on the spot - without spending time looking for distant places providing parachute training.

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Google rating: 4.5/5

Where: Skydive Wrocław (Skydive Wrocław - skoki spadochronowe)

Address: Kleczkowska 49A/77 skoki odbywają się na lotnisku w Szymanowie lub, 50-227 Mirosławice


Website | Facebook | Instagram

Major highlights: Only parachute zone operating at the airport of the Wrocław Aeroclub in Szymanów (4 km from the city limits), highly trained and experienced professionals.


3. Bungee jumping

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Bungee Wrocław is an excellent outdoor activity for every adrenaline seeker in Wrocław. If you plan on an exciting outdoor activity in Wrocław for your upcoming summer weekends in the Lower Silesian capital city, head to the Wrocław Zoo region.


Bungee Wrocław organises professional bungee jumping using a tower crane and is apparently the only company with such service in Wrocław. The crane design has been specially adapted to ensure a safe jump. Their team consists of highly trained instructors with several years of experience in this field.


They advise you to be there at least half an hour before closing time. Check for the available dates, more information and FAQs on their website


Google rating: 5/5

Where: Bungee Wrocław

Address: Wróblewskiego 9, 51-627 Wrocław


Hours: 11 am - 4 pm

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Contact number: +48 790 580 097


Major highlights: Possibility to book in a group of more than 3 people, it is possible to individually determine the date of the jumps, jump arranged from a tower crane, highest-class equipment to provide complete safety during the jump,


About cancelled jumps and other urgent information, reach out to them on the Facebook page of Bungee Wrocław or just give them a call.


4. Obstacle crossing inline park

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The true charm of Opatowicka Island in Wrocław is not only limited to its natural beauty and quietude, rather you can totally plan an active day trudging through ropes and clearing obstacles. Island Adventures Opatowicka is located on the picturesque Opatowicka Island. The immense nature, variety of rope obstacles out there, and its proximity to the city’s main square make it an immaculate alternative for your upcoming weekends in the city. Don't forget to check with them on social media or call their number before planning a trip there.


There are almost 100 distinct hurdles for adventurers of all kinds. Some obstacles are positioned as high as 17 metres above the ground.


Google rating: 4.6/5

Where: Island Adventures Opatowicka

Address: Braci Gierymskich 153, 51-636 Wrocław


Website | Facebook | Email

Major highlights: Friendly instructors, great options for kids who enjoy forest adventures, not crowded on weekdays, an ideal place for team integration events, the idea for those who want to spend quality and active time outdoor close to the Wrocław city centre


Other popular outdoor obstacle rope courses in and around Wrocław: Park linowy Partynice, 'Wieżyca' Ropes Course in Sobótka, Adrenalina Park in Kąty Wrocławskie, Skalisko Ropes Course, Tipi Town


5. Water activities in Odra

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With an abundance of greenery and its Venice-like setting, Wrocław city spoils every outdoor enthusiast with a myriad of water and outdoor activities. So much so that you might run out of time, but not the options. Starting from the Marina Wrocław to the beach bar regions and eventually, the Hala Targowa and Odra Centrum, the chances to rent a gondola, ferry, kayak, canoe, or various shapes and sizes of paddleboats are endless during the summer months.

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Once you have figured out what you want, you can head to one of these points, where you can find the operators right by the riverfront. You can pay upfront, sign an agreement and go for your choice of water activity. Having a fresh perspective of the city from the waters of Odra is enriching and something I would highly recommend to everyone. The timing varies according to the activities chosen and sometimes also on the choice of your ride. Depending on your preference, it could be a leg day or a back workout!

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Best time: April to October


Where: 1. Zatoka Gondoli, 2. Kayak Tours, 3. Marina Topacz, 4. Baza Sportów Wodnych, 5. Kopalnia - Strefa Wakacji Wrocław, 6. Port Osobowice Wrocław - Wypożyczalnia sprzętu wodnego. Marina Service, 7. Passenger Shipping - Ships Wroclaw


Major highlights: Kayak, SUP, Motorboat, Paddleboat, Canoe, Ferry, Passenger Ships, Water Scooter, and Gondola ride options


6. Horse riding

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If you're into horse riding and racing and are looking for a cool place to go horse riding in Wrocław and indulge in other absorbing outdoor activities, there are places in the city that give you a glimpse of the great wild west.


Starting from Wroclaw Racecourse Partynice, known for organising horse racing and other fun and musical events, to Stajnia Pod Topolami - where you get to choose between horses and ponies or even select from individual rides, lunge, or gusty off-road experience, Wrocław has something for all the horse lovers.



  1. Stajnia Pod Topolami - Gałowska 73, 54-530 Wrocław
  2. Horse Riding Centre Hucuł - Jordanowska 33, 52-403 Wrocław
  3. Ranczo nad Odrą - Rędzińska 54, 54-106 Wrocław
  4. Stajnia Szafir - Sarnia 19E, 52-129 Wrocław
  5. Stajnia Pod Jabłoniami - Pilczyce, 50-001 Wrocław


Major highlights: Multiple horse training and riding lessons, adventure with equestrianism, most of the locations have rural agritourism look and feel, all in the Wrocław city


7. Animal farm visit

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If you fancy spending a day out at an alpaca farm in Wrocław, admiring and watching one of the cutest animals amidst lush nature, it is quite possible. There are some well-maintained animal farms with alpacas, llamas, sheep, horses, and other regional cattle where you can book a guided tour with the farm owners.


As you get around the place, you learn numerous facts about the everyday life of alpacas, prepare vegetables and animal food (check with the owner), and eventually feed the animals. The farmers also talk about the difficulties and challenges they face while running the farm. What else? You can get around exploring the nature areas around the farm since they are mostly located in the Wrocław city outskirts. The farms also organise different activities for adults and kids that are quite intuitive.

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Since these farms are located on the city outskirts, it is always nice to get in touch with them over the phone or on social media and check for their availability. It is also recommended to check for the tour prices, duration of the tour, and other inclusions and exclusions since places like these are generally expensive. Do not assume that they speak English, check with them in advance and make the required adjustments accordingly.



  1. Alpasiowo - Alpakoterapia Wrocław - Wrocławska 1F, 51-361 Wilczyce
  2. Przytulalpaki (31 km from Wrocław) - Krzeczyn 79h, 56-400 Krzeczyn
  3. Alpaka Farm (187 km from Wrocław) - Oświęcimska 115, 41-707 Ruda Śląska


Major highlights: Workshops for children, other fun outdoor activities


8. Professional horse racing & betting

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Wroclaw Racecourse Partynice is known for organising horse racing and other fun and musical events. The racecourse is a sought-after location by many for several reasons. While horse racing and riding are the primary reasons, there is plenty of space for walking, running, and kids’ play. The stands in the racing arena are so rustic in appearance with the city's who's who all clad in stylish attires.

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At the betting counter, you can put your money on your favourite horse, and if you get lucky, you can go back home richer. You can sign up with the instructors and get professional lessons at their guided training sessions. The racecourse in Partynice is the ultimate place to locate high-level horse racing in Wrocław city. Moreover, this place has a great vibe, a thriving nature, and something for everyone.


Google rating: 4.7/5

Where: Wrocławski Tor Wyscigow Konnych Partynice

Address: Zwycięska 2, 53-033 Wrocław


Website | Facebook | Instagram

Major highlights: Professional horse racing, horse riding with trained instructors, horsemanship learning, Equestrian vaulting, live musical shows and concerts, training in a closed group, food trucks, multiple races, the possibility to see the classic old carriages and people presenting old fashion theme


The abundance of Wrocław outdoor activities takes the tourism scene in the city to a whole new level. Let us know if you think we have missed out some exciting outdoor activities!


Should you have any queries related to the Tourism & Hospitality studies at the University of Wrocław or you need general information about the city, please write to us on social media - Facebook, Instagram, or contact us via email.

Amit Chandra

Amit is a travel writer & founder of the blog Whistling Hound. A perpetual nature lover, Amit moved to Wrocław, Poland, three years ago. Ever since, he has been gallivanting around European countries, soaking up the best of places & sharing his experiences across digital media. From working as an Aurora Guide in Lapland to walking the streets of Naples & Rome like a local, Amit has done it all. Currently, he's treading through the best of southwestern Poland & is not stopping anytime soon!

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