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Cheapest Places In Wrocław For Students To Drink & Eat

April 1, 2022 by Amit Chandra

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Wrocław enjoys the reputation of being a leading Polish city with a large number of students and expat crowd. Thanks to globally acclaimed universities like the University of Wrocław, the city streets keep brimming with international people digging for cheap and recommended places to grab a bite or a beer with friends.


From bars selling freshly brewed beer for as much as 2 EUR (10 pln approximately) to restaurants selling typical Polish breakfast options for 1.5 EUR (6-7 pln), you can find it all in Wrocław. And if you can add a couple of Euros more, you can enjoy some gourmet breakfast delight in a decent cafe.


Through our previous blogs, we have shared crucial travel tips, Poland dos & don'ts, exciting places in and around Wrocław to explore, and some interesting life hacks for a student in Wrocław. Via this blog, we want to share the top-recommended place for students in Wrocław to grab a drink with friends and eventually satiate your food cravings at these cheap places to eat. Rest assured, you can expect some delicious authentic Polish cuisine in some of these recommended places.



Top cafes and bars in Wrocław for students


Cafes and bars are essential to the nightlife of Wrocław, and so are the students in those cafes and bars. Rynek, or the city centre region is dotted with several such places, but we've got more recommendations. Let's take a look at some of the top and affordable bars and cafes in Wrocław


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1. Czupito - Any volunteers for some shots on fire?

Instagram | Google ratings: 4.5/5


Where: Ruska 8/9, 50-079 Wrocław



Tuesday: 4 pm–1 am; Wednesday: 4 pm–1 am; Thursday: 4 pm–2 am; Friday: 4 pm–3:30 am; Saturday: 4 pm–3:30 am; Sunday: 6 pm–12 am; Monday: 4 pm–12 am



  • Range of creative and fun shots to choose from
  • This place is a visual delight with the way bartenders put on a show with fire and alcohol
  • Shots priced as low as 5 pln


2. Czarna Magia - Spoiling you with aesthetics & pies

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Facebook | Google ratings: 4.7/5


Where: Kiełbaśnicza 2, 50-108 Wrocław


Hours: Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 9 pm, Friday: 10 am - 10 pm, Saturday - Sunday: 9 am - 10 pm



  • Cheap and classy
  • Great pies option make it a must-visit place in Wrocław
  • They have some nice snack options for your beer
  • Optionally, you can check out their breakfast menu too


3. Niebo Cafe & Pub  - Beers & live concert is key to this heaven

Image Source


Facebook | Google ratings: 4.4/5


Where: Ruska 51B, 50-079 Wrocław


Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 2 pm - 5 am, Friday - Saturday: 2 pm - 8 am



  • Free concerts & live music
  • Good quality beers
  • Cool aesthetics and interiors


4. Pub Felicita - How about a perfect dance night out!

Image Source


Facebook | Google ratings: 4.4/5


Where: Plac Solny 16, 50-062 Wrocław


Hours: Monday - Wednesday: 4 pm - 12 am, Thursday - Friday: 4 pm - 2 am, Saturday: 12 pm - 4 am, Sunday: 12 pm - 12 am



  • Possibility of dancing & drinking
  • They organise thematic nights with different music dance parties and other DJ performances
  • Average priced beers and drinks

Optionally, if you’re down for burning a bigger hole in your pocket, we’ve got you a great recommendation! ;)


5. Pub Guinness - Into the Kingdom of Gin & Tonic

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If you’re a gin and tonic connoisseur, Pub Guinness is the place to visit in Wrocław main market square. Known for its tasteful interiors, fancy dressed bartenders, and the dedicated gin and tonic section upstairs, Pub Guinness is certainly a top pub in Wrocław that you mustn’t miss.


Facebook | Google ratings: 4.3/5


Where: Plac Solny 5, 50-079 Wrocław


Hours: 12 pm - 2 am (all days)



  • They have cool and funny bartenders
  • Choice to order customised drinks as per your taste, mostly gin-based
  • Concert on Saturdays. Best to check their events section on Facebook


Student-friendly eateries and restaurants in Wrocław


1. Lepione - Coz students are always on a budget ;)

Image Source


Facebook | Google ratings: 4.3/5


Where: Kuźnicza 42, 50-138 Wrocław


Hours: 11 am - 7 pm (all days)



  • You pay according to the food weight
  • Special 20% off for students
  • More exciting deals towards closing hours and weekends
  • Exciting range of multi-cuisine food, all served fresh and warm


2. Bar Mleczny Miś  - Looking for dirt-cheap prices?

Image Source


Facebook | Google ratings: 4.5/5


Where: Kuźnicza 48, 50-120 Wrocław


Hours: Monday - Friday: 7 am - 6 pm, Saturday: 8 am - 5 pm, Sunday closed



  • The cheapest food you can buy in an eatery in Wrocław
  • Brace yourself for long queues
  • Bar Mleczny Miś has old-styled interiors and functions in a retro way, mostly like from the 1950s era


3. Remont Bar, Plac Grunwaldzki

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Remont in English translates to renovation, and as you enter the bar, you can figure that out with the quirky interiors that resemble some construction site. Definitely go for this top bar in Wrocław.


Facebook | Google ratings: 4.4/5


Where: plac Grunwaldzki 18-20, 50-384 Wrocław


Hours: Sunday - Wednesday: 12 - 11 pm, Thursday - Saturday: 12 pm - 12 am



  • Good food & attractive prices
  • They have ‘meal of the day’ as the cheapest option on the menu
  • They have some exciting vegan options
  • You can go there to have a meal or drink with friends


4. Mr Pancake - Your ideal Instagram material

Image Source


Facebook | Google ratings: 4.2/5


Where: Szewska 69/70, 50-139 Wrocław


Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 12 - 10 pm, Friday - Saturday: 12 - 11 pm



  • Cool interiors & great looking food
  • Nice vegan options
  • Newest and hottest place in Wrocław to try
  • Expect long queues towards late afternoon hours & weekends
  • A variety of seating areas: usually tables, swings instead of a chair or bar stools


5. FC Naleśniki - Where pancakes come in all shapes & sizes

Image Source


Facebook | Google ratings: 4.4/5


Where: : Kuźnicza 63, 50-138 Wrocław


Hours: Monday - Thursday: 11 am - 9 pm, Friday - Saturday: 11 am - 10 pm



  • Pancakes in all shapes, sizes, and flavours
  • You can choose your pancake dough (grains of other types) or if it’s going to be salty or sweet
  • Bear in mind that the portions are substantially big
  • Tasteful interiors for the social media bug
  • Optionally, they deliver food too


From local delicacies at throw-away prices to some decent culinary delight wrapped in all the glitz and decor, Wrocław has it all. The list of such bars and cafes in the city goes on. But at least now you got a headstart! Summer is almost here, and soon the city centre will be totally swarmed with people out looking for experiences. Are you ready to go on a pub & cafe hunt in Wrocław? Let us know your thoughts on this write-up.


Should you have any queries related to the Tourism & Hospitality studies at the University of Wrocław or you need general information about the city, please write to us on social media - Facebook, Instagram, or contact us via email.


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