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Top Wrocław Events That Should Be On Everyone’s Calendar

September 22, 2021 by Amit Chandra

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Over the years, Wrocław city has gained whopping popularity among students, expatriates for work and tourists looking for off-beat destinations in Poland. While the Erasmus exchange students choose Wrocław for their studies for a semester, IT and finance professionals see Wrocław as a major hub for their industry.


The kind of international and multicultural atmosphere this city has, there’s some interesting performance or event in Wrocław going on in some corner, all the time. While walking through the picturesque cobblestone alleys of the city, you have a good chance of stumbling upon some interesting events/performances happening in some cafe, bar, or museum. Most of which are FREE of cost to attend!! 


But here we’re going to address major festivals and events in Wrocław that are unique and popular across Poland and Europe and are must-attend. The fact that Wrocław has a large number of cafes, theatres, public places and event halls and cultural centres like Czasoprzestrzeń, Centennial Hall, cultural institutions like NFM (National Forum of Music), the Opera, and eventful places like the Spanish library, makes it a tempting proportion for every event lover around.



1. New Year's Eve Party & Christmas Market at Rynek

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When: 31st December every year

Where: Rynek Wrocław


How about starting the new year with a bang?


Yew Year’s Eve in Wrocław is a spectacle to behold. It is one of those Wrocław events that the city residents and those in the neighbouring Lower Silesian cities curiously wait for. Rynek Wrocław comes alive on 31st December night with some interesting concerts from renowned Polish musicians or artists.

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The show continues later into the night with a grand celebration. With all the pulsating vibes and festive mood, this makes for a popular event in Wrocław. Last year show was affected due to COVID-19, but a cracking show this year-end already looks like a reality.

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While New Year Party is a cracker of a show, the Christmas Market Wrocław needs a special mention for the kind of well-organised and visually appealing event it is. The Christmas Market in Rynek Wrocław, with all the decorations, festive vibes, the smell of mulled wine, cinnamon cookies, and fried Kiełbasa exuding from the shops by the local producers, makes it such a nice spectacle and one of the most popular events in Poland.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


There are separate attractions for photo bugs, and kids play areas as well. As you walk the Victorian streets of one of the oldest and most magnificent market squares in Europe, you will stumble upon several local artists exhibiting their skills.


Mulled wine exhibits the essence of the Christmas Market in Europe. Mulled wine is a sweet wine warmed up with some aromatic spices. It has a different delectable taste that goes perfectly with the mood of the Christmas market.  This is one of the events for you.



2. Jazz nad Odrą

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When: September 15, 2021, to September 19, 2021, lasts five days

Where: Impart, Mazowiecka 17, 50-412 Wrocław


The 57th edition of Jazz on the Odra Koncert takes place in mid-September 15. This musical extravaganza promises to be one of the most sought-after events in Wrocław and lasts almost a week. For this year event opening, Marcin Pater Trio & Leszek Możdżer and GoGo Penguin are expected to perform. The first edition of It was organised ever since 1964.


The event also has artistically rich programs lined up. It includes a series of concerts, performances by the Jazz Individuality 2020 competition finalists, an all-night jam session and other accompanying events.


Jazz nad Odrą promises an exciting event with renowned musicians on stage and a hall packed with jazz lovers. Here are the day-by-day details of the event.


Find more details about the event here



3. New Horizons Film Festival (Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmowy Nowe Horyzonty)

Image source


When: 12 - 22 August, every year

Where: Multiple locations across Wrocław


New Horizons Film Festival is a reputed and internationally acclaimed film festival held annually in July/August in Wrocław, Poland. The film festival was organized first time in 2001, and today, it is one of the most prominent and popular film festivals in Poland and Europe.


During the recently concluded film festival, a total of 231 films, including 175 full-length films, from several dozen countries took part in the 21st edition of New Horizons. Over 600 screenings were organised for viewers in different locations like New Horizons Cinema, the Lower Silesian Film Center, Capitol Musical Theater, and the Wrocław market square. Because of the COVID-19, the festival films were also made available online for the viewers.


New Horizons Film Festival includes movies that are differently made and present the beauty of cinema in true taste. At this year's New Horizons Film Festival, audiences enjoyed some of the top films from prestigious film festivals like Cannes, Venice, Berlinale.


Find more details about the event here



4. Gitarowy Rekord Guinessa

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When: Beginning of May, every year

Where: Wrocław Pergola at the Centennial Hall


Guitar World Record in Wrocław is one of the biggest guitar music festivals organised usually at the very beginning of May live at the Pergola and online. Through Facebook and YouTube channels, musicians try to teach hits like, 'Hey Joe' or 'Little Wing' to play the guitar. Gitarowy Rekord Guinessa is associated with the Thanks Jimi Festival. And the event calls out to all the guitarists from Wrocław and nearby cities. At the Guitar World Record Festival, they play 'Hey Joe' by Jimmy Hendrix to set a new record.


The first edition of the legendary guitar festival took place in 2003. Leszek Cichoński then initiated the Great Guitar Orchestra and performed the famous Jimi Hendrix hit on the Wrocław Market Square. That event was participated by 588 guitarists played, which allowed them to set a new Guinness record. Years later, 7423 guitar fans have already registered in Wrocław so far.


Moreover, there are other popular songs performed, and the event is so lively and a musical extravaganza. You can even find the page with links to all the songs to be performed at the event.


Find more details about the event here



5. Fontanna Multimedialna - Hala Stulecia

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When: May-October

Where: Hala Stulecia


The Wrocław Fountain or Wrocław Multimedia Fountain (Wrocławska Fontanna), located in the premises of Centennial Hall, is a unique and popular tourist attraction in Wrocław. This one is called the multimedia fountain because of the perfect symphony of music and light it creates with a swaying fountain after the sun sets in western Poland. The Wrocław Fountain at Hala Stulecja operates only during the summer months. The period is mostly from the last weekend of April or the first weekend of May until late October. Centennial Hall is a major tourist attraction in Poland. Besides the fountain show, they also organise concerts in the hall. The details of the fountain show can be found here!


Find more details about the event here



 6. Vertigo Summer Jazz Festival

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


When: Almost every day

Where: Across different locations, check their website


There’s something about the summer of Wrocław that makes it so finetuned to jazz music. Evenings here attract jazz music lovers and hence the Vertigo project. As per the new initiative, the Vertigo Jazz Club organizes Summer Jazz Festival in July month with everyday jazz concerts almost every day, mostly at the Vertigo Jazz Club and across different bars and pubs across Wrocław.


Vertigo Summer Jazz Festival, or 31 Christmas days with jazz music, is a popular event in Wrocław that has gained more recognition over the years. During the event, the jazz team from Vertigo Club and other distinguished Polish musicians travel around Wrocław playing quality music and charming everyone with their signature charm and undying love for jazz music. Vertigo Summer Festival, as the organiser mention, is an attempt to break the 'closed' forms of jazz music and show it to a wider audience. In the process, they promote both interesting places in Wrocław and great Wrocław musicians.

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They perform on various musical genres from Swing to Blues; Latin to Pop, plus funk, soul, and try different combinations in between. The club’s unique design needs a special mention too. It provides extraordinary conditions to savour the best of live music sound.


Find more details about the event here



7. Dni Fantastyki (Fantasy Days)

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When: 20-22 August every year

Where: Leśnica Castle, Wrocław


Dating back to 2004, Fantasy Days (Dni Fantastyki) is the oldest fantasy event in Wrocław and Lower Silesia. Since then, every year it has been attracting more and more fantastic creatures - both participants and guests - writers, filmmakers, actors - in short - fantasy creators!


With growing numbers every year, they already have more than 9,000 fantasy fans from across Poland. It's not the only event like this in Poland, but this one attracts a large number of youngsters and is certainly quite photogenic.


Find more details about the event here



8. Przegląd Piosenki Aktorskiej

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When: 11-20 June every year

Where: Capitol Theatre, Wroclaw


Przegląd Piosenki Aktorskiej is one of those unique events in Wrocław for all music and theatre lovers. Known as the Song Interpretation Contest in English, the entire contest is divided into three stages. The first two stages of performances are assessed by the Artistic Council, while the Finale is evaluated by the Jury.


The Stage Songs Review is apparently the only festival in the world that has been dedicated entirely to the art of theatre songs. The artist's songs during the review festival are judged during the different stages, and the audience can watch them live in the theatre.


The core sense of the Wrocław festival is to present how music and lyrics complement each other. This festival first appeared on the Polish cultural scene over 40 years ago, and today it is one of the few Polish festivals with such terrific cultural and traditional importance. Over the years, Przegląd Piosenki Aktorskiej has grown and become a prominent international event in Wrocław and even has a much wider audience. This festival is financed by the Wrocław Community.


Find more details about the event here



Also, there are a few places in Wrocław known to host events, gatherings, and performances. Some of these places are Czasoprzestrzeń, Księgarnia Hiszpańska, Instytucje Kultury, and Botanical Garden.

Księgarnia Hiszpańska, Instytucje Kultury and more

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


The Center for Academic Culture and Local Initiatives Czasoprzestrzeń, located in the former 'Dąbie' depot, is a unique facility in the Wrocław Tarmwajowa region for meetings and integration of various communities. They organize a wide range of activities at Czasoprzestrzeń directed to different age groups - children, youth, students, adults, residents, families, seniors, and people from scientific, business, non-governmental organizations, universities, churches and religious associations.


Księgarnia Hiszpańska or the Spanish Library is a lively spot in the Wrocław city centre region immersed in the charm books, coffee, events, and multicultural vibes.

In the super cosy chic interiors of the Spanish Library, you can discover terrific meetups and events. The library premises organise musical events and jam sessions from time to time.


Furthermore, the library organises free Spanish practice sessions, which anyone can join. Księgarnia Hiszpańska is open until 11 pm on weekdays and until 1 am on weekends. They post all their events on their Facebook page. Instytucje Kultury in Wrocław is another place known to organise top cultural and musical events in the city.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Similarly, Botanical Garden is another place in Wrocław known to host interesting events and gigs from time to time.


Find more details about the event here


The fact that almost every cafe in Wroclaw supports musicians and keeps hosting some small events also underlines the fact that you can never get bored in this city. Just keep an eye out, and you might end up spending a memorable evening in this city.


​​Should you have any queries related to the Tourism & Hospitality studies at the University of Wrocław, please write to us on social media - Facebook, Instagram, or contact us via email.


Amit Chandra

Amit is a travel writer & founder of the blog Whistling Hound. A perpetual nature lover, Amit moved to Wrocław, Poland, three years ago. Ever since, he has been gallivanting around European countries, soaking up the best of places & sharing his experiences across digital media. From working as an Aurora Guide in Lapland to walking the streets of Naples & Rome like a local, Amit has done it all. Currently, he's treading through the best of southwestern Poland & is not stopping anytime soon!

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