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9 Best European Cities Near Wrocław For A Perfect Weekend Trip

August 21, 2021 by Amit Chandra

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Living in Wrocław has certain benefits, and every resident of this city must be aware of it! The Lower Silesian capital city is one of the major Polish cities with a terrific location and proximity to top European travel destinations like Prague, Berlin, Vienna, and Bratislava. Additionally, there are other top tourist cities in Poland like Kraków, Gdańsk, and Olsztyn, all wrapped in the classic old-world charm.


If you have moved to Wrocław for higher studies, work or consider a trip to Europe covering the southwest Polish city, there are some places in the vicinity of Wrocław that serve as the perfect 1-2 day trip. Or even better, a weekend trip! Given the rail/road/air connectivity of Wrocław to most of the major destinations in Europe, it shouldn’t be difficult to plan your journey during your stay here. All you need to do is plan your journey because an early booking of transport and accommodation guarantees you a great deal at an attractive price.


Let’s take a look at some of the major European destinations for your upcoming trips from Wrocław.



 1. Kraków

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Kraków, as a top tourist destination in Europe, works its charm on tourists. Adjudged as the most popular city break destination in the world a few years back, Kraków attracts the explorer kind, with its rich abundance of art, architecture, history, and magnificent nature year-round. A lazy stroll down the Kraków Rynek (Main Market Square) will exhibit before you the undying charm of Krakowian streets. Dating back to the 13th century, the largest medieval town square in Europe spreads over 9.4 acres in the heart of the city.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Standing in the middle of the Kraków Market Square, one can easily spot the most prominent historic attractions from centuries ago. The historic townhouses (Kamienice) and churches, the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) - rebuilt in 1555 in the Renaissance style, the Town Hall Tower (Wieża Ratuszowa), the 11th century Church of St. Adalbert and 1898 Adam Mickiewicz Monument make for the most prominent sight at the Kraków Main Square. The Gothic towers of St. Mary's Basilica (Kościół Mariacki) tower above the Kraków Main Square and is one of the finest works of architecture from medieval times.


Distance from Wrocław: 267 km

Travel time by road: 3 hours


Popular tourist attractions in Kraków: Old Town Square, Kraków Cloth Hall – Polish art museum, St Francis’ Basilica, and St Mary’s Basilica, Galicia Jewish Museum, St Benedict’s Fort, and Oskar Schindler Museum


Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Best things to do in Kraków: Take a guided tour of Auschwitz Birkenau Camp, Plan a visit to the Kazimierz neighbourhood, explore the stunning architecture of Nowa Huta, tour the Wawel Cathedral, climb the Kościuszko Mound, explore the Wieliczka Salt Mine, get your dose of contemporary art at MOCAK, and attend the Jewish Culture Festival in Kraków: Zion



2. Zakopane

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


If you are looking for a thrilling mountain getaway, not just in Poland but even in Europe, Tatry Mountains are the perfect allure. Zakopane, in Southern Poland, is a great weekend getaway from Wrocław if you are planning a couple of days' holiday in the High Tatras.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Once in the lush nature of Zakopane, you can expect some rewarding views from the endless mountain chain outlining the city, some terrific hiking trails, exciting sleigh rides (during winter months), cosy and picture-postcard mountain cabins, mouth-watering local delicacies, and some exotic wildlife.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


But you have to be supremely lucky to spot the wild in their natural habitat. Moreover, Zakopane is also known for the local delicacy Oscypek - the smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk exclusively in the Tatra Mountains.


As you walk around the street market in Krupowki Street, exploring the bustling street market, you will stumble upon local artists, musicians, some street food vendors, and a few interesting places to dine. Zakopane is dotted with hundreds of beautiful trails leading to the picture-postcard mountain cabins, houses guarded by the High Tatras that stay covered under tons of snow for most of the year, except for the summer and autumn months.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


If you book accommodation at least a month before, you might end up getting some attractive offers.


Popular tourist attractions in Zakopane: Mt. Giewont hike, Morskie Oko & Rysy, Muzeum Oscypka, Kasprowy Wierch cable car ride, Strazyska Valley, Gubalowka, Krupowki Street


Distance from Wrocław: 370.2 km

Travel time by road:  5 hours 17 min



3. Olsztyn

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Poland’s Warmia-Masuria Province is reputed for endless natural beauty, some majestic architectural wonders, and scenic rural charm. Olsztyn is the capital city of Warmia-Masuria Province, also known as the Lake District of Poland.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


In addition to a stunning Old Town, the rustic Olsztyn Castle that once used to be the residing and workplace of the legendary mathematician & astronomer Nicola Copernicus, there are some renowned cultural and academic centres around that comprise a perfect day trip itinerary.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


The city located on the Łyna River in northeastern Poland is almost 5.5 hours away from Wrocław and makes for a lovely weekend getaway option.


The nearby towns of Biskupiec and Kętrzyn still bask in the typical rural charm and instil some apt countryside vibes. So if you plan on exploring the best of northeastern Poland, Olsztyn is the right place for every travel enthusiast foreigner.


Popular tourist attractions in Olsztyn: Olsztyn Castle, St. James’s Cathedral, Old Town, Kayaking in one of the lakes of Olsztyn, Browar Warmia, Lake Ukiel, Stefan Jaracz Theatre, High Gate, and Podzamcze Park


Distance from Wrocław: 507 km

Travel time by road: 5 hours 16 min



4. Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot - The Tricity

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


The Tricity (Trójmiasto in Polish) comprising Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot has something for every traveller. Located almost 5.5 hours away from Wrocław, the Tricity, spanning the best of the Baltic Coast in Poland, makes an ideal proportion for everyone who wants to explore the best of Poland and its coastal cities.


Once you make your way to northernmost Poland, you will be able to experience the very best of medieval architecture, some elegant restaurants, and some remains of WWII. These locations serve as the prime tourist attraction towards the northern tip of Poland. The vibrant colours embossed in every city corner make Gdańsk one of the top places to visit in Europe.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Of late, Gdańsk has gained a lot of popularity among tourists, and people have upvoted the city as one of the top upcoming tourist attractions in the world. Talk about the quality of life, food, nightlife, and local transport, and Gdańsk will satiate the experience seeker in you.


Gdańsk is also known for organizing the campaign 'Taste the Tricity', during which people try local cuisines at recommended places. Yes, some exciting students discount there. Find more information here.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Popular tourist attractions in Gdańsk: Neptune’s Fountain, Mariacka Street, Old Town, Motlawa River Embankment, Gdansk Crane, Amber Sky Giant Wheel, Gdansk Museum, upside-down house in Sopot, Mariacka Tower viewpoint


Distance from Wrocław to Gdańsk: 483 km

Travel time by road: 5 hours 16 min



5. Prague

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


As another top and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, Prague serves as a great weekend getaway option from Wrocław, located approximately 4 hours drive away.


Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a prominent medieval city in Central Europe wrapped in Old world charm. Also famed as the 'City of Hundred Spires', Prague has an abundance of architecture and culture to offer to travellers from all around the world. Therefore, you must plan a visit to Prague soon after moving to Wrocław University for higher education.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Let's start with some of the most authentic things to try out. If beer quenches your thirst, then Prague has world-famous Czech beer. Furthermore, you can visit the beer museum or join a beer tasting tour. Cinamon rolls stuffed with scoops of your favourite ice cream, the rustic Old Town, the Wenceslas Square, and Charles Bridge are other popular things about Prague that will make your weekend trip there worthwhile.

Photo courtesy: Whistling Hound


Prague's beauty is so neat and asymmetrical that while walking its streets, you feel like moving into a life-size museum. Noticing the fascinating facades across the city, the Vltava river and cruises running on it make for some of the essentials on a trip to Prague from Wrocław. Even a free walking tour of Prague is sometimes rewarding in many ways. But make sure that you don't come back before exploring these top tourist attractions in Prague.


Popular tourist attractions in Prague: Prague Christmas Market, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George's Basilica, the Powder Tower, the Old Royal Palace, the Golden Lane, Royal Garden


Distance from Wrocław: 335 km

Travel time by road: 3 hours 53 min



6. Brno

Photo source


Brno - the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, is famed for quite a few things. The most prominent ones are the medieval Špilberk Castle, vaulted prisons and tunnels, the restored Villa Tugendhat, and exciting viewpoints.


Brno is the capital city of the Moravia region and has a rich and exciting history. The fact that Brno is located only 4.5 hours from Wrocław makes it a perfect weekend getaway from the southwestern Polish city.

Photo source


Besides some prominent shreds of evidence of the communist era, Brno has some drool-worthy art and architecture pieces, neo-Renaissance architecture, and some story book-worthy castles. These attractions have put Brno on the list of top European city break destinations.


Popular tourist attractions in Brno: Špilberk Castle and a city museum inside, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, the Dietrichstein Palace, a 14th-century statue of the Madonna and Child, and city views from its steeple, and the Brno Lake


Distance from Wrocław: 402 km

Travel time by road: 4 hours 25 min



7. Berlin

Photo source


Berlin is one of Europe’s most impressive and historically rich capitals located near Wrocław. If you're someone with a passion for vibrant and cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, historical landmarks, and bustling nightlife, Berlin is mere 4 hours away.


A trip to Berlin will leave you mesmerised, especially if you're a student of tourism and history. The trip to Berlin will educate, enlighten, and amaze you in many ways. You can very well start the trip to Berlin with a stroll to the East Side Gallery. This is a renowned freedom memorial where you can see the remains of the fallen Berlin Wall.

Photo source


Other prominent tourist attractions in Berlin include Checkpoint Charlie - the famous east-west border control during the Cold War, Hitler’s bunker, located between Potsdamer Platz and Brandenburger Tor, Berlin Tiergarten (Zoo) and a whole assemblage of the historical pieces connected to major events from the past century.


Must try eateries in Berlin: Chipps, Cabslam, Schwarze Pumpe, Eiffel, with amazing Eggs Benedict, accompanied by a cocktail, Monkey Bar, Neni, Daitokai (for the lover of Asian food), Kartoffelkiste - for traditional German food


Other popular city attractions in Berlin: Victory Column, Bellevue Palace - the official residence of the German president, German Historical Museum, and Brandenburg Gate - an 18th-century neoclassical monument,


Berghain, Watergate, Cookies, Club Der Visionaere are some of the top picks for party enthusiasts who want to experience the best of German nightlife.


Distance from Wrocław:  344 km

Travel time by road: 4 hours



8. Vienna

Photo source


Vienna is another top European tourist destination that makes for a perfect weekend trip from Wrocław. The charm of Vienna makes it such an exciting touristic place to visit.


From the appearance of the city centre that looks nothing less than a set from a periodical drama to all the imperial buildings around, from ticket touts dressed as Mozart to the vibrant outdoor bars, Vienna has plenty to offer other than what meets the eye.


During the winter months, tourists are recommended to go hopping between the Glühwein stands of Christmas markets. Some open-air swimming spots, hillside wineries, and upscale restaurants make the Austrian capital worth a visit.


Popular city attractions in Vienna: Wiener Riesenrad, Ringstrasse, Hofburg Palace, MuseumsQuartier or MQ, Palmenhaus, Sigmund Freud Museum, Neni Am Naschmarkt, Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ at the Upper Belvedere Palace, Lakeside Alte Donau (Old Danube) area, Supersense


Distance from Wrocław: 534 km

Travel time by road: 5 hours 47 min



9. Bratislava

Photo source


Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, is our next suggestion for a perfect weekend trip from Wrocław. Set along the Danube River by the border with Austria and Hungary, Bratislava is a top tourist destination in Europe known for fairy-tale castles and palaces, magnificent buildings. The city, known for its fabulous vineyards, and the Carpathian mountains, has plenty of splendid hiking and cycling trails, all covered in the lush forest.


If you're a foodie, Bratislava has plenty of delicacies to offer. And it counts as a perfect destination for an affordable holiday.


Popular city attractions in Bratislava: Bratislava Castle, Michael's Gate, Slovak National Theatre, Kamzík TV Tower, Grassalkovich Palace, Primate's Palace & Hall of Mirrors, Hviezdoslav Square, UFO Bridge, Devin Castle, and Slovak National Gallery

Photo source


Must try eateries in Bratislava: Cafe Verne, Urban House, Lab.cafe, Pollito Cheesecake, Eleven Books and Coffee, Slovak Pub


Distance from Wrocław: 525 km

Travel time by road: 5 hours 35 min



That said, after you get the hang of Wrocław city and know how things around work in general, you should make the best of the city's lovely location and see what the top cities in Europe nearby you can explore.


Should you have any queries related to the Tourism & Hospitality studies at the University of Wrocław, please write to us on social media - Facebook, Instagram, or contact us via email.

Amit Chandra

Amit is a travel writer & founder of the blog Whistling Hound. A perpetual nature lover, Amit moved to Wrocław, Poland, three years ago. Ever since, he has been gallivanting around European countries, soaking up the best of places & sharing his experiences across digital media. From working as an Aurora Guide in Lapland to walking the streets of Naples & Rome like a local, Amit has done it all. Currently, he's treading through the best of southwestern Poland & is not stopping anytime soon!

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