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Our Students Comments - Tourism and Hospitality

Why Poland?’ everyone kept asking me. Well, Wroclaw university provided me with the best degree I wanted covering numerous topics from architecture, sustainability, civilizations, geography, marketing, tourism, intercultural communication etc. just to name a few, all merged within a 2 year program. This degree came with a traveling bonus, traveling to numerous places within Poland (for educational purposes of course) and our intake got to travel to Italy as part of the curriculum which was a highlight. The opportunity of learning the Polish language was so beneficial in making it easier for me with my day to day life in Wroclaw. I highly recommend this degree to anyone with an interest in tourism - it’s exciting and full of diverse subjects! 

Additionally, what made this degree extremely worth it was the constant support from my supervisor, the deans office and all my professors which made my studies pretty swift leading to my successful thesis defense with outstanding results.
Sarah Chirombe from Zimbabwe


I will always consider my decision to move to Wroclaw for Master studies in Tourism & Hospitality as one of the most fulfilling choices I have ever made. Before moving to this gorgeous city tucked in the heart of Lower Silesia, I had a mere 10-day of touristic experience of Poland. And the decision to move to Wroclaw for my Masters in Tourism and Hospitality was rewarding on many levels.
As an experienced travel content writer & tourism professional, this course meant a lot to me, and today after successfully achieving my Master title, I can say that I earned a world of good here. From theoretical knowledge imparted to us in the classroom to the fruitful field exercises taken during the studies, it only honed my knowledge of tourism & hospitality. Thus allowing me a chance to see some of the most exquisite preserves of the most alluring city of Poland that I know of!
Moreover, the Erasmus Internship opportunity provided me with a great platform to step out into the different countries of the European Union, gain professional experience and experience life like a local without having to bother about expenses! Yes, the University of Wroclaw encourages you to sign up for Erasmus Internship and Studies and supports you by paying sufficiently. Experiencing new cultures, languages, food, and incredible landscapes, that I had otherwise read merely in books and blogs felt like a privilege. Full credit goes to the University of Wroclaw. I am glad that my decision to choose tourism as the course for higher studies here happened. Two years in this pretty city, and countless amazing experiences later, today, I can proudly say that I am ready to embrace the world of tourism and hospitality with all the confidence.
I would like to take a moment to thank our respected coordinator - Miss Magdalena Duda-Seifert, for making our studies worthwhile, especially all those trips taken to the hidden corners of Lower Silesia.

Amit Chandra from India




My name is Yanan Fan and I am from China. I finished my best two years of master's education at the University of Wroclaw, majoring in Tourism and Hospitality. During this period, I also took part in the Erasmus exchange program at the University of Lisbon, Portugal, where I also had a wonderful experience.
Studying abroad is a very enriching experience, always full of surprises and good memories. It gave me the opportunity to understand a new culture, different types of food, meet people from other countries, and create wonderful friendships.
Coming to study in Poland has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Wroclaw is a very beautiful, clean, and dynamic city in Poland. People are very friendly, welcoming, and it makes the stay in this city very pleasant.
In addition, with my Master in Tourism and Hospitality studies, I believe the knowledge that I acquired allows me to point myself towards the future and perform as a professional. Classes in our major are very enlightening  and entertaining, including many case studies and field trips, which have made it easier to assimilate all of the lessons. The faculty and administration at the school are accessible, sociable, and have helped to support me since the first day I arrived. Everything about the experience is better than I had hoped.
Yanan Fan from China




My decision to study tourism in the University of Wrocław is one of the best decisions I ever took in my life. The teachings in the university helped me spark my inner creativity and willingness to broaden the knowledge of how the tourism as an industry works, and how it affects the environment and humans alike. Throughout the two years course of my master study, I also had the chance to explore the city of Wrocław, and few other historical places in Poland which are popular among tourists. Those two years will always be in my book of memories.
Chingkhei Pebam from India.



It took me two years of considerations to finally decide to come to Poland and study at the University of Wroclaw. The master program of Tourism and Hospitality was my first choice and I was glad that the whole application procedure went smoothly. Studying in Wroclaw is more than merely an educational experience but a life journey in which you explore the city, the country and all tangible and intangible aspects as well. I have met my favourite professors here who not only convey the knowledge but show their life experience beyond books. Most of my assignments and presentations were related to my own interests so that I found it rather pleasant to complete combined with skills I have learned within the program. Day-trips are a big plus!
Yingying from China.



When I decided to do my Master in Tourism and started to search, I come across the offered tourism master degree course at Wroclaw University. Being in Poland already I knew about the good reputation of this university but still, I was not sure of my choice so I visited Wroclaw and spoke with people who were responsible and after looking on syllabus and as well seeing the historic campus in the city center of Wroclaw I was certain of my choice. As well during the studies, we got to learn updated knowledge about the tourism and fun fact about studies was that most of the lessons were demanding us to be involved in research and be interacted with what we were taught in class. Besides whenever there was some confusion or any problem with paper works or official requirement, you could find help which I appreciated the most.

Mohammad from Iran.



Studying at the University of Wroclaw was an amazing journey. Thanks to the respected professors and instructors of the University of Wroclaw, they helped me enhance and broaden my knowledge in Tourism. During my studies I was able to discover- and reach the best of my potential. The two years Magister in Geography major in Tourism program is an international and intercultural learning environment. It is a place to start building an international network and most importantly, this program will prepare you to become a highly competitive and skilled tourism professional.

Regie from the Philippines.


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