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Studies - Tourism and Hospitality

General info

  • Level: Master
  • Fulltime studies
  • Language: English
  • Start date: October
  • Duration: two academic years
  • Recruitement period: from February until August, 15th for both EU and non-EU candidates,
  • Fees: 2200 EUR per year (EU students), 3650 (first)/3500 (second) (Non-EU  students)*
    * there are additional costs related to field trips of circa 520 EUR in the summer semester of the first year



How to apply?


While studying




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Tourism and Hospitality is a proposal for English speaking students from all over the world. We offer a specific knowledge of the sector to those who have already graduated either in tourism or other Bachelor program and who want to link their career with tourism and hospitality. The program includes courses widening general knowledge of the environment and teaches how to design sustainable tourism development. Additionally, it provides you with an understanding of the tourism and hospitality market, including contemporary trends in both the demand and supply. Practical skills can be learned during field trips in the region of Lower Silesia and abroad. Analytical competencies are developed while writing reports, essays and preparing presentations on selected topics. While studying at Wroclaw University you can also apply for Erasmus Exchange program in order either to study one semester or to do an apprenticeship in the hotel, tour operator or other business within the European Union. The final part of the studies includes writing the Master Thesis. Altogether, it is a unique chance to study in the international environment, thereby improve your intercultural communication skills and develop your competencies in the tourism and hospitality sector. 

Our students comments

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